Evac Supplier Days 2019 Juni 11, 2019

Evac’s suppliers met in Antibes, France

Around 50 of Evac Group’s suppliers recently gathered together in the South of France at an event that emphasised the need for working in partnership to provide customers with the best possible service. There were also about 20 Evac Group employees from around the world.

This year, the Evac Suppliers Days were held at HEM (part of Evac Group since May 2018), specialists in desalinators for yachts, who are based in Antibes near Nice. Previously, the bi-annual event was held at Evac’s office and global distribution center in Espoo, Finland.

With speakers drawn from both Evac and its suppliers, many different aspects of the supply chain were covered from service strategy and expectations to real-life examples of the way in which challenging situations were successfully resolved in the luxury yacht and cruise ship market.

On the second day of the event, suppliers were able to visit Antibes marina and Monaco harbour to see many of the yachts which have Evac Group equipment on board.

We thank all the participants for the excellent event and their valuable input! Together we are stronger!